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The Case of the Vanishing Tour Caddie

While the world had its back turned to watch Louis Oosthuizen trounce the field at St. Andrews, strange doings were afoot at the opposite-field event, the Reno-Tahoe Open. This blog post from Dallas Morning News photo editor Guy Reynolds suggests that a freelance photographer may have used dubious technological methods (see the before, left; and [...]

Golf World: "Arizona Law's Trickle Down Effect"

I’m in Golf World this week with a little item on the early impact on Arizona’s golf industry following the passage of the controversial Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, more commonly known as SB 1070 or, to detractors, the “Show Me Your Papers Act.” Given the hot-button nature of the immigration issue, [...]

Pure: If Gus Johnson Called the Masters

Fans of March Madness tend to agree on one thing: Gus Johnson is clearly on the fast track to becoming the next Howard Cosell–the cult broadcaster of our time. As Bill Simmons, perhaps Gus’s most ardent admirer, puts it: “Does he go a little overboard? Absolutely. Does he veer into the high 90s on the [...]

"Tiger, I Am More Prone to be Inquisitive": Nike's Rorschach Ad

Here’s a Wieden + Kennedy spot that employs a voice over of Tiger’s late father as the golf great stares ruefully at the camera. It’s a pretty bold play in the sense that it’s not selling anything other than the cult of personality itself–a frank admission that this, above all else, is what sells Victory [...]

"One Look at the Masters in 3-D Will Make HD Look Obsolete"

While 3-D television is still in its infancy, Richard Sandomir in the New York Times says that early adopters are in for a treat: “The best of the Masters 3-D demonstration footage included putts moving toward a camera; a chip shot flying out of a bunker with the individual grains of sand moving into a [...]

The Fey and the Furious: Two Strains of Golf's Media Representation

Golf in the wider mainstream media is often represented in one of two ways–the fey and the furious. Here are two recent ads that demonstrate the bipolar nature of golf in advertising. The first probably occurs when someone at a brainstorming session says, “You know what’s funny? Golf.” This fires the well-worn neural pathways that [...]

"Of Course," Definitely Maybe

A new follower appeared on my Twitter account this morning promoting a new golf-themed Web series on called “Of Course.” The video trailer above is worth a look. I like the animation style a lot, though there were a few too many slow pans for my taste. The humor–dudes talking on cell phones on [...]

Sharp Park: A New "Bridge to Nowhere"

…or so Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn claim in the release of Stimulus Checkup, their analysis of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This is a fabulously entertaining read–no, really–written with far more relish than one would expect from a government document and replete with merciless attacks on left-wing puppet brigades, water-safety mascots, and [...]

T+L Golf Goes Digital, Kicks Off With Pinehurst Deal

Today American Express Publishing sent out an email blast indicating it is planning to re-launch Travel + Leisure Golf as an online publication. The print edition closed in March after a ten-year run. Here is the link to the pre-publication subscription offer, which includes a $300 credit at Pinehurst Resort that runs through November 10, [...]

The McKinsey Purge Hits GolfWorld

Gawker is reporting that at least ten staffers have been let go at GolfWorld, with most if not all of the cuts occurring on the sales side. One team will now manage both Digest and World. This follows on the heels of six layoffs at Vogue yesterday. It’s never a good sign when one sales [...]

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