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“The Ben Cox 108″

Just wanted to put in a quick plug for a good cause. On June 20th, Jim Colton will be running a golf marathon at Ballyneal Golf Club–he hopes to play at least six full rounds (108 holes) before running out of daylight. Colton’s golf binge is to help offset the medical bills of club caddie [...]

The Upscale Urinal Experience: Diamante Dunes, Mexico

Lorne Rubenstein recently filed a strong review of the Davis Love III/Paul Cowley design at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The course does sound pretty cool–one of those low-lying “tropical links” that are fairly uncommon in the world of golf. Sadly, Rubenstein did not publish any pictures of some of the “extras” that he rather [...]

This Is Why You Follow Fictional Celebs on Twitter

Thanks to fictional former big league hurler and Twitter follow-ee Kenny Powers (@KFUCKINGP, FYI), for this piece of news from Blackstone National GC (pictured below) in Sutton, Mass. Worcester’s Kenneth Powers (“unrelated,” as the star of “Eastbound & Down” was quick to point out) has been accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from the pro shop [...]

Hot Copy Vol. 7: Darling, I Will Never Forget You…

Tonight I decided to pay my monthly visit to my spam warehouse ancient hotmail account. The subject header for this one sure caught my attention! (My wife just wandered by and pointed out it’s a great deal, though. But not that she’d wear those shoes, she hastened to add.) Merry Christmas to all.

Back from the Hack…

For those of you who may have encountered red warning screens over the past month, or for new visitors wondering why nothing has been posted here since the U.S. Amateur at Chambers Bay, I’m afraid out & back was targeted by a hacker. What happened was someone managed to break in and embed spam links [...]


The handiwork of a Scottish scoreboard operator with a well-tuned sense of irony. Well played, sir/madam. But it was no laughing matter for those who began their rounds after the sixty-six minute wind delay. Not a single player posted a red number–in contrast to twenty-three par-breaking rounds for those who played before the gusts arrived.

Hot Copy Vol. 6: Donald Trump Edition

It was only a matter of time before Donald Trump elbowed his way into this site’s venerable series known as Hot Copy. And he’s here with a bullet–you’d really expect nothing less. At the end of 2009, Trump acquired a pair of courses from Eric Bergstol’s Empire Golf Management–Pine Hill near Philadelphia and Branton Woods [...]

Waaay OT: Creed Shreds Again!

I’ve tried pretty hard to keep this site golf- and travel-centric, but I really can’t resist the awesome powers of this Youtube special. Your mileage may vary, but to me it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. CREED!!!!!                             [...]

After the Volcano…

As someone who’s been through a couple of genuine travel ordeals, I feel for the thousands of people stuck in transit right now due to the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, but let’s face it, volcanoes are just plain cool. Being a golfer, of course, my first thought after seeing the images coming out of Iceland and [...]

Hot Copy Vol. 5: Peter Millar and "Modern Confetti"

Few would disagree that Peter Millar makes very nice clothing, but this attempt at WASP hauteur slides smoothly into self-parody. From the shopping section of the Sea Island Resort website: “The Peter Millar customer walks the fairways, the avenues of commerce and the lawns of society with an air of distinction, never carnivalizing himself nor [...]

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