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A Spion Kop in Savannah

As this old T+L Golf article might indicate, I’m fascinated by the anachronistic quasi-template hole known as the Spion Kop.

Historian Sean Tully recently found a hole by that name at Savannah Golf Club in a 1905 issue of Golfers Magazine. I’ve heard reference to a small handful of American Kops, but this is the first image I’ve seen that’s contemporaneous with the events of the Boer War that gave the hole its name.

The Kop depicted in this picture looks more like a manmade mound than one of the natural outcroppings and eminences commonly used for Kop greens across the pond, but it’s nevertheless an excellent find. Thanks, Sean!

Any further information about Savannah GC and the fate of its Kop hole would, of course, be much appreciated.


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  1. “Knoll” on acid!

    Posted by John Dunn | March 17, 2011, 6:06 pm

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