CNN Travel: “World’s Best Golf Destinations”

Today the CNN Travel home page picked up a feature I wrote for the current issue of Departures magazine. The headline, which my editor described as “SEO-ified”, is a bit of a blunt instrument–basically, the magazine just asked me to pick out some of the best places that epitomize various aspects of the game, whether it be golf-and-spa getaways, favorite traditions, or the best place to introduce a kid to the game.

Each entry’s headline has been removed by CNN so it’s more of a laundry list, but whatever. It’s still a fun story, I think. I write for Departures regularly, but since it’s a luxury title not sold on the newsstand or by subscription, the work usually doesn’t reach a wider audience. So that’s nice, even if some of the comments on the post are hilarious…I’m disappointed no one’s mentioned the dated stock photo of Pinehurst No. 2 yet!)


Edit: Janeen Driscoll, formerly of the Pinehurst media relations office, writes in to point out that the photo is actually of Pinehurst No. 4, and isn’t especially dated for that course. So I stand corrected! (Even though I had no idea that CNN was even going to run this story, much less what their photo desk would decide to run along with it…)



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